” I don’t have the time to work out”.  Some of us are guilty of saying this. Fitness training is the new IN movement. We all  know life gets in our way. We have to work, we have priorities, were busy mothers, wife’s etc but if you want to and put your mind to it you can make time to work out. You can take out 30 minutes out of your busy schedule to work out. It’s not going to kill you. In fact, studies show that when you choose to prioritize fitness in your life, you can live longer, prevents diseases, reduce medical costs, and most importantly improve the quality of your life. The Mayo Clinic reports that 6 out of the 10 leading causes of death are preventable with exercise and diet. Take note: make fitness a priority in your life.

The beginning of any journey is challenging, but is doable. You have to have the right mindset. Have a positive attitude about all that you are doing. Keep track of your progress. Do not get discouraged if you do not see any changes, remember nothing happens over night so give it time. Consistency is key. Get a trainer if you have doubts, concerns, confusion, questions. Trainers are great to have for a couple of sessions. Trainers have knowledge of human anatomy and the concepts of exercises, basic nutrition and workout plans designed specifically for you. They are there to offer assistance in your personal health and fitness goals. However, if you can’t afford a trainer, you can go on YouTube, download fitness apps, as well as buy workout DVDs.

I started my fitness journey back in 2011. I have always had an athletic built, but never really worked out other than physical ed in high school and after work runs.  A friend from the neighborhood named Link has a boot camp and I decided to join. When I started the boot camp, I was intimidated. I felt out of  place because I had never been to boot camp and did not know what to expect, but I told myself: you’ve gotta start somewhere and the time is now. My main focus was to get toned. At first I wasn’t able to do a pull-up or even a push up… and now I have the endurance to do pull ups and push ups on the daily basis. I love it.

I stopped attending boot camp since “life got in the way”, but I was still doing physical activities such as running, jumping rope, body weight squats etc just to stay grounded. In 2012, I was reintroduced to this journey again by Marvin A. Carrington. He is my trainer among other things. He has shown me discipline, endurance, to push myself, and believe that I can beat resistance. He has always said: YES YOU CAN.  Through the sweat, tears, nagging, wanting to quit.. He has hands down shown me to love and enjoy every moment of my journey

Fitness is so positive to your soul. It makes you feel sexy, desirable, confident, strong, empowering among other things. Remember, don’t be cocky about your transformation. Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be.  The best is yet to come. Get ready!You are in control. The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU.

P.S Trust me, you want to look good naked as you do with clothes on. 🙂

By: Lisbeth Lora


Twitter: @LizLra



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