A woman’s beauty is not defined by her hair, but by her confidence.

A woman’s beauty is not defined by her hair, but by her confidence.

Being a bald woman, can be overwhelming to some people, and this I have been a witness.

I have been a victim of labeling ever since I have been bald, dating back to 2011.

I was on my way to a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago and I was sitting on the train minding my business, listening to Truffle Butter by Nicki Minaj with my shades on. There was a young lady sitting across from me. She was Hispanic, had  long brunette hair, I guess she fell as though I was intimidated and/or felt less of a woman because I have no hair. She was twirling and playing with her hair, crossing her legs, shaking her legs… She continued to play with her hair, chew her gum, fixing her scarf, rolling her eyes at me. I said to myself if looks could kill, I would’ve been dead. This continued for about 8 train stops. Once her stop came, she got up from her seat.. rolled her eyes at me.. and she started walking towards the door, she missed a step and almost tripped. She still had the nerves to turn around swing her hair and look at me. Truth be told she was the insecure one between the two of us. But how insecure can you be to let a bald woman intimidate you?

Labeling is nothing new to me, I have been labeled so many times and it doesn’t bother me anymore, I’ve gotten used to it. I have been around insecure women. These women are so insecure of themselves because they wonder why is it that I; being bald and fit can cause so much attention when in fact they have long hair, big boobs and a big booty. It’s not all about the looks; that’s where they get confused and get it wrong, it’s about how you carry yourself and your self-confidence.

People will stare, people will wonder, people will create a story in their head and put labels on you. People will always have something to say. What people think of you is none of your business. Ignorance is a disease that does not have a cure when you are insecure and your not comfortable with whom you are.

Unfortunately there is a lack of self- confidence and self- love in our community. Some women are so driven by social media and TV that they feel as though they have to fit in and be accepted no matter what. They have to keep up with the trends and they are so driven by what’s on and in, sometimes harming themselves by overdoing things and they end up looking ridiculous.  Women think that because they have long hair they can be intimidating to us bald women, but I really don’t care, everyone to each its own, everyone has the right to chose on what they want to be and present themselves as.

I am a woman of my own. I am different. I am confident.  I am powerful. I am sexy. I am fearless. I am a woman. I am desirable. I am exotic. I am comfortable. I am mysterious. I am headstrong.

We all have our own reasons on why we shave our heads. I chose to shave my head as a matter of style and it’s a representation of me, this is the real me. This is who I am and meant to be. A bald woman. I am Bald by choice.

P.S. Message to my beautiful baldies: Embrace your individuality, walk with pride and your head up high. Let your smile be the brightest light in the room. 🙂

By: Lisbeth Lora

IG: baldbychoice

Twitter: @LizLra


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