My name is Lisbeth. I am a bald by choice woman from a large neighborhood located in the northern section of NYC: HARLEM.

My blog is called: baldbychoice. I am embracing the beauty of bald women and women to be freely whoever they want to be with or without hair.  For me, being a bald woman isn’t something common in my neighborhood, especially being Hispanic and being a woman. Women in general have a special relationship with their hair, as for me; I was never happy when I had it; I was so miserable… no one understood it. I used to come home from the beauty salon and tie my hair in a pony tail; I liked my hair pulled back away from my face. One of the best liberating moments of my life was the first time I cutt it all off in 2006.

I came up with the idea of blogging a couple of months ago, but I never had the chance of actually sitting down on my computer desk and start typing away.  One of my really good friends has a blog and I told her about my idea and she said: yea, why not. So here I am.  I’m a people lover. I’m a woman’s advocate. I’m a survivor. I am writing this blog so women can have a voice and not feel alone on certain topics. I want women to be able to relate to me by my writing content. On my blog, I will be talking about various topics including: the importance of overall well-being, working out, self-love, happiness, confidence, other subjects will be: surviving domestic violence relationships, bullying, molestation and of course the ordeals and struggles of bald women in the modeling industry and daily life.

I’m a fashion lover and a fitness addict. I love my family. I love and appreciate the people that I have currently in my inner circle. I have found love. This man has turned my life around a whole 180. He has made me believe that there is such thing as true love. He is my soul mate. He has turned my tears of sadness into tears of joy. I am so happy for the personal changes in my private life. I finally have a voice after being held back from it for seven years. I’m finally smiling. I am living freely. I am alive. I am beautiful.  I am a woman. I no longer fear anyone. I am so full of confidence, so full of love, so delighted with the new me.

Some of the reasons why I decided to cut my hair off were: because of my INSECURITIES, the lack of SELF ACCEPTANCE and SELF LOVE.  I had decided it was about time I took the wheel and do something for me that will make me happy. Some people may not be able to relate to me, but that is ok because we are all different in many ways. I embrace my baldness to the fullest extent. I am so happy bald, I am ME. I can finally look at myself in the mirror and tell myself: I LOVE YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE. I AM SO PROUD OF WHOM YOU’VE BECOME. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE POWERFUL. YOU ARE YOU.

Our daily experiences surely teaches us. One thing I have realized is that some of the decisions we make when we are in our early life definitely has an impact in our lives in the long run. Unfortunately, we don’t have a magic wand that can let us see the future with the decisions we too and the consequences, but you learn as you go. Life is about learning, happiness, confidence, living, loving, surviving, forgiving those who have hurt us, having faith, overcoming fears, giving people chances and accepting each other for who we are. We are supposed to build each other up, not tear each other down. Remember:” Embrace your individuality. Let your smile be the brightest light in the room”.

By: Lisbeth Lora

Twitter: @LizLra



One thought on “HELLO WORLD

  1. LOVE it -and LOVE you!! I have also thought about doing a blog but I have no time! You are great You are awesome! You are an inspiration! 😘😘


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